Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a small world!

Vaughn and I had taken the Sister Mkwanazi and Sister Amunyela to dinner at the Hilton because they always seem to get left out--the elders are a little more forward about going to dinner with us!  We ran into an american couple who were in Ethiopia adopting two  little boys.  It turned out that they had lived in Virginia were good friends with Emily Martino, so instant connection and we ate with them and had such fun!  This is the first us/lds family we have run into here in ethiopia adopint.  This particular family said that it cost them about $35,000 to adopt these two babies!  With 5 other boys at home, I am in awe of this!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

street scene 11

Street scene

This is a typical sight that we see each day on the way to and from the house to the office.

Stick ladies

Women like these carry these sticks down a moutain no telling how many times a day. They walk back up and get another load. They weigh about 70 lbs.

Washing Veggies

Washing our fruit and Veggies in bleach before they are eaten. It is a fun process to get things ready to eat. We also wash out dishes in bleach. It is easier to eat out.

Kids in Jallidada Village

Showing them a picture that I took of them


We went on a trip to our out lying branch in Awasa. 5 hour drive from Addis. We stopped at a village where the Church has dug a water well. This is the type of housing this tribe lives in,